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As a new mother, I am filled with utter joy and curiosity around my baby girl. At the same time, I am constantly questioning and reading about everything that is happening, like, is she eating enough? Was that a good nap? Is she warm enough? How am I doing!? So on and so forth. I was about to start work in a month and a half and I wanted to help my baby girl get into a relatively decent sleep schedule by that time. I also wanted to feel like I had a better grip on things. I felt comfortable with Jihan from our first call. What I liked most was that on that first call she listened deeply and shared advice on small, but key, changes that I could start implementing right away. I found that to be so thoughtful, human. I felt relieved right away and I knew I wanted to continue working with her. Overall, my experience had a positive influence on my baby girl's sleep journey and on our family. In working with Jihan, we understand our newborns sleep better and because of that we felt (and still feel) more at ease, less lost in it all, less frustrated and more confident that we understand what is going on and have the tools to manage and support our baby accordingly. Our daughter sleeps better during the day and night. My husband and I sleep better. I’m less stressed and am enjoying this whole journey even more. I got this now! Jihan helped build my understanding of newborn sleep and gave a framework by which I could go by, tweak, and make my own so that it works for my baby girl. She was (is) my champion and helped normalize and bring a better flow to this beautiful and sometimes overwhelming journey. Thank you Jihan!  



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We contacted Jihan when our daughter was 4.5 months old. Our daughter was up multiple times in the night, and the only way we could settle her was with a pacifier. In addition, during the day, we had to rock her to sleep. Her naps were so inconsistent. We could rock her for hours to sleep 15 minutes. 

We were concerned about our daughter not being able to sleep properly and we decided to give sleep training a try. We scheduled a call with Jihan and from the initial consultation, we knew we had found someone who could help us. Jihan created a sleep schedule for us to follow step by step for 14 days and explained everything in a way that was so easy to understand and completely logical. The first 2 days were so hard. Jihan was so supportive, compassionate and confident. She would tell us why certain things were happening and she could support it with evidence based on research. Day 3, our daughter took her first nap alone within 10 minutes without any comfort and slept 11 hours straight at night. Seeing our daughter sleeping alone without struggling was so rewarding. 


Now that the training is complete, our daughter falls asleep by herself. She is sleeping 11 to 12 hours through the night. We have a consistent sleeping schedule during the day. This is a total life changer!


Sleep training was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. For all parent struggling with sleep, I assure you it’s worth it. You would definitely need the support of a good sleep consultant and I'd highly recommend Jihan. She is kind, knowledgeable and really cares about what she does, going above and beyond what's included in the package. Jihan didn’t only help us with our immediate problems, she taught us how to handle any future issues. Jihan’s advice and guidance have not only made our daughter happier and well rested but helped us getting back our evenings and time during the day to get other things done and for that we can’t thank her enough!


Thanks again! 


Jihan saved us!


This is surely a Iife changer! Jihan was highly supportive, understanding and oriented towards problem solving. She gave me full confidence in her ability to overcome any challenge presented by being factual and having the required knowledge and providing correct observations. My 2year old went from waking up almost every 2_3hrs to sleeping through the night. This as well refracted on her behavior during the day as she was much more well rested! Happier baby


I would like to say the result that I got, following Jihan instruction,  was out of my expectations. I wasn’t believing seeing my son reaching the point that he is in his crib alone, giving him a good night kiss and leaving so he can fall asleep. That was a dream and Jihan made it a reality. Personally I wouldn’t ask to change anything all was perfect.


Honestly, it was simply amazing  nothing to add!

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