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I am Jihan Khoury and my purpose in life is to help people improve the quality of their lives. My story is not conventional because after spending 20 years in the corporate world, I finally discovered my purpose in life after stumbling into a Reiki course.  

I was asked to join a class only to fill up an extra seat needed. I discovered a part of me that was never born. With study and a lot of practice, I became a Master Reiki where my focus was cancer patients to help them lessen the impact of their side effects from their treatment. I helped a lot of people with their emotions and pains which was extremely gratifying. I empowered people to heal themselves by offering first and second level courses.


A few years later I started teaching professionals soft skills as a facilitator, educating them in a fun way on leadership, negotiations, communications, and more. Fully satisfied with how new knowledge impacted young people, I continued to grow.


I found myself learning about Life Coaching which enabled me to improve my own and then others lives. As an Master NLP practitioner and Hypnotist, I had tools that would change how people influenced their own lives. 


In 2020, I qualified as a Sleep Consultant because my aim is to ensure that every baby (and parent) is well rested by learning skills that help them sleep through the night and napping through the day. I follow the Sleep Sense Program, a method that felt natural to me after raising four now grown-up adults who are becoming parents themselves. I used the method on my grandchildren, who are now toddlers that sleep independently and through the night.


I love all what I do, they all fit within my purpose and so give me the chance to grow in many directions.


Every experience, course, and qualification that I have had in my life has led me to discover what I am supposed to be doing in my life. It may have taken the long road to get here, but I am grateful to have arrived at my destination. Most importantly, I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with all of you. 

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