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Special Packages

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Are you a first-time parent worried about getting your baby's sleep routine right?

Our Home Consultation packages offers hands-on guidance and support to ensure you and your baby achieve a restful night’s sleep. With expert help on your first night, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge to continue independently.

What You'll Receive

Implement a bedtime routine as per the Sleep Plan.

Ensure you feel confident putting your child to sleep

Hand over a customized sleep plan and sleep logs to track progress.

Answer any questions and clarify goals and actions.

For my Clients a Refresher Call or Off the Wagon Package

Are you a past client whose baby is suddenly struggling with sleep again? Whether it's due to a transition, illness, or any other reason, our Refresher Call Package is designed to help you get back on track. This package provides tailored support to address the current sleep challenges and ensure your baby returns to a healthy sleep routine.

What You'll Receive

1-1 Consultation: 60 Minutes

Action Plan

Two Weeks of Follow-Up Support

Mother and Baby on Floor
Your Next Step: Peaceful Nights
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