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 Half Night 6:00pm - 12am

30 minutes exploratory call

This call is essentially a get to know you call where we can discuss goals, current habits, and I will answer any questions that you may have. 

Home Consultation:

Bed-time routine is necessary for any child to instigate sleep for the little person. This routine is detailed in the Sleep-Well Package, but if you are a first time mom and you are very worried and concerned to do it right on your own first night, then this package allows me to be with you for 6-7 hours on the first night. When you put your child to sleep the correct way, you will have the confidence to continue through the night. I will also, monitor the baby while you sleep and wake you up only when necessary while I am there. 


During the visit and after we finish Bedtime, I will hand over the plan that I made for you and the sleep logs that you will fill up as you progress with the plan. I will answer any questions you may have and we make sure all goals and actions are clear.

Follow-up Support:

From second night onwards and for 13 days, I will be with you step-by-step, effectively holding your hand while you continue to implement the plan. We will chat via telephone, celebrating successes, discussing questions, and dealing with setbacks. By the end of the first week, you’ll probably be doing so well we will only need to chat via email, just to make sure things stay on course.

Price: AED 4,000/-


Full Night 6:00pm - 6:00am

In addition to the Home Consultation – Half Night, and If you are still not sure how you will tackle your first night, I can provide in person support from 6:00pm – 6:00am for the first night. This is a pricy option and I do not recommend it unless this gives the peace of mind of doing it 100% right the first night, usually the most difficult and challenging night for baby and parents. I will be right by your side, to convince you, if you feel the urge to throw in the towel and go back to your old habits as you progress through the first night, that you are on the right track and things will improve sooner than you expect.

Price: AED 9,500/-​

                                                                              SMS SUPPORT


As I have my own family and other Clients’ commitments, I have to set time limits all around to be able to provide the best service possible for me without burn-out. I will be answering your messages and emails between 9:00am and 6:00pm. Any message or email sent after these timings will be answered at the start of the next working day. If you feel you need additional support after these hours and on weekends, I will answer your SMSs between 6:00pm-11:00pm daily, wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

Price: AED100/day - AED150/Friday






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